The elegant Shala collection draws inspiration from ancient mythology and is named after Shala, the ancient Sumerian goddess of both grain and compassion. Reflecting this, each design incorporates an element from the natural world, such as a head of grain in Albertina, rich botanical fruit motifs in Exotic Fruits, and an intricate Indian flower pattern in Shala. Aptly, Shala is also a Sanskrit word meaning “home, abode”, beautifully referencing the feelings of warmth and serenity that we believe this collection expresses.

Shala consists of three designs, all 100% linen: Exotic Fruits, a trailing botanical print taken from an 18th-century chinoiserie archive fragment; Shala, a wide stripe with small-scale floral detailing, based on an ancient Indian design; and Albertina, a classic French toile design. The prints are taken from original historic designs in The Design Archives’ archival collection, we wanted to reintroduce these classics and bring them back to life by redeveloping the colours and pattern, offering a more contemporary twist for today’s interiors.