A treasure trove of jewels!

The JewelCollection is inspired by the designs in our extensive archive of historic fabrics. The collection is beautifully coloured. A treasure trove of jewels from rich Ruby red to elegant Opal. Printed on a choice of sumptuous shimmering velvet, a classical linen and an elegant cotton satin.  All produced in the UK.

Consisting of 3 designs – Tiffany, Amadour and Tree of Life. The collection inspires a unique and dramatic sophistication to enhance any interior.


Tiffany is taken from an 1970’s archival design by Michel Vidal.  It is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, with aspects of Art Deco. Coloured in striking shades, ranging from rich ‘Jewel’ to a subtle ‘Aqua’ and bright ‘Opal’.

Tree of Life

Developed from a charming classic Tree of Life mid-19thcentury archival document for the ‘Archive 1’ collection.  Now adding two new colours ways:  Antique Rose and Tea Rose, reflecting the original colouring of the archival historic document.

Grand Amadour

An archival piece from the parisian studio ‘Artilier’ – an elegant and inspiring traditional large scale floral bouquet. Shimmering with seasonal rich and tasteful smart colours, creating a dramatic and sophisticated addition to any room.